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Planet First provides excellent commercial outdoor pest control for your business or HOA.

There are very few communities in South Florida that do not have ficus trees or ficus hedges as a landscaping feature around buildings or around your communities for privacy, noise, and population reductions from the emissions for all the vehicular traffic.

As a green company, we have the expertise and we have successfully treated about 25 miles of ficus hedges and several hundred very large ficus and banyan trees using the landscape protocol outline in the University of Florida’s datasheet. It was noted in June of 2018 at an extension services meeting that most companies were only controlling the pest with 3 to 4 month follow up treatments.

Our company has been successful in achieving six months plus controls with one treatment; thereby saving you many of your hard-earned dollars. It is our commitment to protect our environment and not harm beneficial insects. Our priority is the reason for our success.

Ficus Whitefly & Other Pests

  • Approximately 75 species of whiteflies in Florida.
  • Piercing-sucking and mouthparts; feed on the phloem
  • Adults are small, moth-like, usually with white wings.
  • Typically cause yellowing and leaf drop.

  • First Observed in 2007
  • New U.S. continental record
  • Currently in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties
  • Faint grey band in the middle of the wings

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